Top 3 Best Indian Web Hosting Companies

With the current global technological state, an online presence is very important. For both personal and commercial reasons, many companies and individuals in India too are looking to benefit from what the internet has to offer. Creating a website is not the only thing that is needed; your website needs to be hosted. However, finding the best hosting company to host your website is important.

Hence availability and reliability of the company’s services are top factors as you choose. The servers too should have high uptime, offering availability for your site to your visitors. A good hosting company services’ speeds and bandwidth should be high as this factors affect your visitor’s satisfaction. You need to achieve what you want from your website by getting the best company. Among the best, these are the Top 3 Best Indian web hosting companies:


Manahosting logo

Manahosting has had 12 years of hosting experience and is one of the leading companies in India. It is actually a good hosting for small and medium sized combines and new website owners. Its best feature is their cloud hosting servers; very relevant for nowadays technological needs. They also offer hosting on both Linux and windows platform. Their services are reliable and secure and you are guaranteed availability all through. Their prices are also economical and good long term plans. Manahosting has scoped various awards in various hosting services. Great technical support too via toll free calls, SMS and seminars.


eWebGuru logo

eWebGuru is another leading web hosting Indian company; offering the best, affordable and quality services since 2005. It has full root access on servers and offers fully managed hosting. It does not compromise on server quality either, providing you with the best hosting affordably. Their speeds and uptime are great. E-webguru also supports both windows and Linux platforms. The hosting plan is developed in html, flash, NVU etc for a variety in your web content. The staff is great and helpful too.


Net4 logo

NetforIndia has been reliably serving India for over 10 years in webhosting services. It hosts over 10,000 websites and still offers the best availability and uptime. Their virtual, dedicated and even cloud servers are the most secure, offering service anywhere, anytime. They determine their price on hosting space, number of hosts, platform etc so that you pay for what you actually need and will use. With their low prices, they manage to offer reliability and technical support 24/7. They soon will have the CPnale, parallel piesk and other web features that will give your visitors the best online experience. Net4 is good for small companies and starters too.

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